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Are you struggling getting your business going or growing your business?  Have you felt like calling it quits, but what would you be quitting to go to?  Sometimes it feels like you in a never ending rat race, and you just can’t get out.  Your tired, overwhelmed, overburdened and overworked – but you can’t quit, you have to keep going.

As a Mompreneur, we know how you actively balance the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.  You give your family and your business the best you have every single day.  You’re constantly carrying the baggage of burden of “balance”.  You feel overwhelmed and unbalanced at times; or guilt overcomes you because of the excessive hours spent on building your business, instead of with your family.  Being a mom, is the most amazing and important role on the earth; so it becomes a vicious cycle for you.  You’re in business to have more hours with the family, but you’re spending more hours in the business; you’re determined to get your business going to have more time with your family.  You want a more consistent and reliable flow of income, so when you are spending time with your family, you can focus on them and not the amount of money your spending on them in comparison with next months bills.  You work hard every single day, both at home and at your business.  You understand the definition of supermom because you experience it daily!  Something has got to give…

Well, it doesn’t.  We know you give so much of you mom, and sometimes you could use a little encouragement yourself.  We are here for you, to give you the support you need and we are mompreneurs that have experienced either the same or very similar feelings as you.  Mompreneur, our community of like-minded moms is what you need right now.  This club was created by mompreneurs for mompreneurs; to inspire, empower and support one another.

As a member of The Millionaire Moms Club™, you will gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you excel in your personal and business life.  Some of the benefits of joining are:

  • Build personal and professional connections within our community of mom entrepreneurs (mompreneurs)
  • Access our virtual learning system (exclusive how-to educational material for business and personal life)
  • Access our online “how-to” workshops and podcasts for your business
  • Become an accountability partner
  • Access our peer-to-peer network exclusively for mompreneurs
  • Access resources and forms for your business health
  • Get unlimited access to download the forms and agreements your business needs
  • Read through the life hacks for tools and tips for your family and business
  • and much, much more!

And this is all for $99. per year!

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