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 A Sweet Solution for Busy School Days

The busy pace of back-to-school schedules can make it feel like nearly every aspect of life has you under a time crunch. Fortunately, when it comes to feeding the family, there are some simple foods you likely already have on hand that can provide easy solutions for snacks and mealtime alike like these Grape and Ricotta Pita Pizzas.  Read More

 6 Ways to Build a Better Lunchbox

Coming up with fresh ideas every day to keep kids’ lunches exciting is no small task. When the goal is an empty lunchbox and a full, happy tummy, the winning combination is a blend of nutrition and flavor. Step up your game this school year with these ideas for a better lunchbox, and try this recipe for Portable Veggie Kabobs with Tangy Veggie Dip. Read More

Think Outside the Lunchbox

Eating the same thing every day can make lunch seem so “blah.” Now’s the perfect time to break out of the lunch rut and add some excitement to your meals. Try some of these portable and packable recipes for Greek Salad in Jars, Maple Olive Cheesecake Bites, and Black and White Pizza to add excitement to lunch on-the-go. Read More

Make-Ahead Breakfasts for Busy School Days

When the school year rolls around, switching from pool to school means finding simpler ways to kick off the day with healthy and nutritious options like these recipes for a Blackberry Avocado Smoothie Bowl and Morning Oasis Overnight Oats.  Read More


Spice Up School Days

Busy school days demand meals that can match the pace of life. A Mexican-themed meal is a sure way to keep things festive and lively around the family dinner table. Put a fresh twist on your next school-night fiesta with these ideas and recipes for Slow Cooked “Pulled” Chicken Tacos, Baja Chicken Pizza and Mexican Style “Totchos.” Read More