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Beauty Secrets

5 Ways to Perfect a Carefree Style

A carefree summery style may appear effortless, but creating a look that stands up to a busy, fun-filled day still requires some simple work. Keep your skin in top condition and your hair and makeup on point with these tips to help you look and feel your best. Read More


A personal skin care program for you

Why is it that all of us cannot keep the skin we were born with. Well I’ve still got my skin but it has changed and, according to my mother, it has changed a lot. It would also need to have stretched a bit, well in my case stretched a lot. As we get older, things happen to our skin, like wrinkles. I have them but I am a man so I can get away with it. Unfortunately, ladies…Read More


A short-cut to a smooth and healthy skin!

You are 25 but look 35. Blame it on your skin! The skin is the largest organ in the body, and the most exposed. Pollution, ultraviolet rays in the Sun’s light, stress, lack of essential vitamins, all contribute to wear and tear your skin.  Most people don’t take proper care of their skin…Read More


All About Beautiful Nails

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful and shining nails? But keeping nails beautiful, clean and trimmed is not an easy task…..Read More



Alternatives For Cellulite Reduction

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you reduce cellulite. This article can give you an insight into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about alternatives for cellulite reduction. Read More

7 Ways to Promote Cool-Weather Skin Care

When temperatures plummet, a seasonal wardrobe change helps protect most of your body from the elements. However, your face and hands are likely still exposed and even areas protected by clothing can be affected by a harsh climate. A fall skin-care regimen can help ensure your delicate features fare well even as blustery winds blow. Read More

5 Essential Skincare Tips for Baby

Healthy skin is critical to a baby’s long-term health and happiness, and it can impact both baby and family quality of life. Caring for a baby’s skin from birth helps avoid skin conditions such as diaper rashes, eczema and other irritations, which are often the source of many sleepless nights.  Read More