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About Us

The Millionaire Moms Club was created by mom entrepreneurs to support, educate, encourage, inspire and empower moms in business.  We are a new kind of club where mom entrepreneurs (mompreneurs) can exchange, build connections and learn from one another.  We are here to help mompreneurs, like you, live your best life at home and in your business.  It's possible to pursue your dreams and passions, while maintaining a healthy balance between home and business - without the feeling of burnout.  With the right support, there's no limit to what you can achieve, earn or do!  Your possibilities are unlimited!

A Club Just for You

As a Mompreneur, we know how you actively balance the role of mom and entrepreneur. You give your family and your business the best you have every single day. You're constantly carrying the baggage of burden of "balance". You're overwhelmed and unbalanced at times; or guilt overcomes you because of the excessive hours spent on building your business, instead of with your family. Being a mom, is the most amazing and important role on the earth; so it's a vicious cycle for you. You're in business to have more hours with the family, but you're spending more hours in the business; you're determined to get your business going to have more time with your family. You want a consistent and reliable flow of income, so when you spend time with your family, you can focus on them and not the amount of money your spending on them in comparison with next months bills. You work hard, both at home and at your business. You understand the definition of supermom because you experience it daily!

What you need

You give so much of you mom, and you need balance. Sometimes you just want a break and a little encouragement. We're here to give you the support you need and we're mompreneurs that have experienced the same or very similar feelings as you.

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As a member of The Millionaire Moms Club™, you will gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you excel and gain and maintain balance in your personal and business life. Read benefits at Join Now page


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